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Page - July 26, 2012
Your tweets are an incredibly powerful way for news of the energy revolution to reach thousands of people. And best of all? You're in the drivers seat. So pick the facts you like best, click to tweet, and let's spread the Energy Revolution!

A green energy revolution would create 38 000 more jobs than the SA govt’s current energy plan.


One megawatt of Wind energy = 2,600 fewer tons of CO2 heating our planet.


Solar power could deliver 15 times SA's electricity needs if sufficient investments were made.




Save Water: Wind power uses 173 times less water than what the most advanced coal plants use.




The sun emits more energy a second (3.82 × 10^26 J) than what's in all the earth's fossil fuels:


North Africa could power all of the EU if just 0,3% of its available land was used for solar.



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