Fracking Discussion in Cape Town

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Page - February 17, 2014
Below is a series of updates from the 'fracking' colloquium taking place in Cape Town tonight.

Fracking in South Africa: Winners & Losers – a civil society perspective

The Panel

  • David Fig, Environmentalist and Sociologist
  • Carin Bosman, Environmental Management Adviser, and Director of Carin Bosman Sustainable Solutions
  • Shan Holmes, Director of RealSearch, Microbiologist and lawyer


Scroll through the updates below to follow part of the talk, or get involved with the conversation by:

  • Tweeting with the hashtag #WhyFrackSA
  • Click the "comment" button in the feed window, type in your name, and start commenting
  • Use the comment facility to post questions, and we'll do our best to have them answered in the Q&A session after the panelists have spoken.

Thanks for joining us!

Live Feed