I want an End to the Age of Coal

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Burning coal is wasting our water, threatening our food security, pushing up the price of electricity, polluting the air, and causing serious human health impacts. It's also the biggest contributor to climate change.

We know what the solution is: A green energy revolution that unplugs us from new coal plants and connects us to renewable energy sources like the sun and wind.

That's why we're taking a stand. Sign the pledge and join the global movement to end the age of dirty, polluting, and costly coal power.

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I am part of the movement to end the age of coal.

  • I want a shift to clean, sustainable energy
  • I want to see an end to the age of coal
  • I care about South Africa’s water and people’s health, and want my government to stop coal expansion in this country
  • I want my government to significantly cut the CO2 emissions that are driving us to climate chaos.

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End the Age of coal