Stop illegal forest destruction!

The Congo Basin Forest is the second largest tropical rainforest on earth and the “lungs of Africa”. Its incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem provides food, fresh water, shelter and medicine for tens of millions of people, and is home to many critically endangered species including forest elephants, gorillas, bonobos and okapis.

stand for the congo forests basin

The Congo Basin rainforest plays a critical role in regulating the global climate and halting runaway climate change, for the benefit of the entire biosphere.

But the forest, and the people and animals that depend upon it, are under threat. Most parts of Africa are already suffering from increasing land-grabbing tendencies for the expansion of large-scale palm oil plantations, agribusiness, industrial logging, oil, mining & infrastructure operations. Such expansion can sometimes represent an opportunity for local economies, but also represents severe threats to local livelihoods, local environments and the global climate.

Add your voice to stop the destruction of this incredibly beautiful and diverse place, on which so many depend!

Let’s send a clear message to the illegal timber markets in EU and China who drive the demand for forest destruction, to take up responsibility and urge governments in Cameroon and the DRC to make improved forest policy and enforce forest laws.

Add your voice for the forest and it’s inhabitants now!

Stand for the Congo Basin

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Stand for Congo Basin Forest

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Stand for Congo Basin Forests


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