Stop this Mega Whale Meat Shipment in South Africa


Right now 2,000 tons of meat from endangered fin whales is being shipped to South Africa en route to Japan from Iceland.

Greenpeace has called on* the South African government to refuse port services to the shipment. Your voice will make our submission stronger.

Stopping this shipment of whale meat will make the supply from countries like Iceland to Japanese markets much harder, blocking the only option for Icelandic whalers to sell their meat.

We have 48 hours.
Tell government to stop this whale meat shipment now.

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As South African leaders have taken such a firm stand on the issue of Rhino Poaching, and have sought international help on that front, we believe they should do the same when it comes to the prevention of whaling activities.

To protect the species, commercial trade in fin whales or their meat is not permitted by CITES, although three countries, Iceland, Norway, and Japan did not agree to this and the trade continues.

Iceland catches fin whales only for export to Japan and resumed this practice in 2009. If the whalers are not able to export their catch then the hunt will stop. Europe is closing its ports to shipments of whale meat. The US forbids these shipments and has certified Iceland for diminishing the effectiveness of CITES with these shipments.

*We have asked that the Government of South Africa join these governments by refusing to allow the Alma to be refueled or serviced in South Africa while carrying this cargo.
Here is a copy of the letter we have sent.