The Sun and the Wind are looking for spokespeople!

Page - February 6, 2012
Those two smiling, ever-powerful chaps over at - the South African Sun and Wind, are looking for celebrity spokespeople to get their message out to the South African audience, and help get them a job with Eskom.

The Use Me More campaign is asking government to double its renewable energy ambitions in South Africa, while also aiming how easy and great a clean energy future would be for us.

We're looking for celebrity spokespeople for the campaign (just this campaign, not for Greenpeace Africa as a whole). The details of being a spokesperson are entirely negotiable - there's no cash remuneration, but there'll be extensive profiling across the Greenpeace Africa social and digital network in exchange for appearing at occasional South African events we have, and online promotion from the spokesperson's side.

And of course, there are the awesome feel-good vibes that come with helping out the planet!

Any interested bands/DJs/presenters/generally well-known people can contact to discuss getting involved.

(Anyone else can contact us to get involved with the campaign too – there’s space for everyone to be involved in some way!)

Thank you, on the Sun and Wind’s behalf!