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Suggestions for the State of the Nation Address

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Page - January 26, 2016
This week Thursday President Zuma will give his State of the Nation address. What do you think the presidency should speak to the nation about?

If you'd like some suggestions, you've come to the right place: Here are ideas for highly important things Zuma should be talking about!

If you agree with one of our suggestions, please go ahead and share it on the presidency’s Facebook page (copy and paste a suggestion from below) or tweet it out @PresidencyZA (click the tweet button).

Zuma should talk about the looming risk Eskom's coal power poses to SA water resources.


Zuma should talk about SA's coal addiction and how it is linked to the current drought.


Zuma should talk about how renewable energy projects will create thousands of new jobs.


Zuma should talk about Eskom's coal addiction and rocketing electricity prices.


Zuma should praise SA's renewable energy sources, and map how to use them MUCH more in future.


Zuma should talk about the huge costs and unsuitability of nuclear power for South Africa.