Volunteer for Greenpeace

As a volunteer, you can help to drive change online and in your local community, get hands-on experience in our campaigns, and help us raise vital funds for a greener, more peaceful future.

We need passionate, energetic people who are keen to make a difference. We're also looking for people with a variety of skills whether it's in design, carpentry, welding, painting, computer knowledge, admin tasks, or data analysis, etc. 

Fill out one of the forms linked to from this page, and get involved on your local Greenpeace Facebook page. If there's no volunteer group in your city yet, don't dispare! We are growing and will be near you soon, but in the meantime, sign up to become a digital ninja and put your keyboard to better use. 

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Become a Digital Ninja!

You rock Facebook and tweet like there's no tomorrow -- so why not put all that energy to some really good use and help amplify Greenpeace campaigns? 

If social media is your thing, sign up to become a Greenpeace Digital Ninja and help drive change from your timeline. Sign up form and more details here

Digital Ninja Form

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