Detox Levis



You did it! Levi's has committed to detox their clothing! Read more.

Why Levi's needs to Detox:

  1. Truth: Levi's jeans and t-shirts have been found to contain hazardous chemicals which break down in the environment to form toxic pollution.
  2. Hope: Levi's Water>less jeans initiative shows that they know how precious clean water is.
  3. Urgency: Toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals have been found in the waterways where Levi's's suppliers discharge their wastewater.
  4. Scale: Levi's is the world's largest jeans company, with suppliers around the world. If they Detox, it will make a big difference to people everywhere.
  5. Know-how: Levi's already has a chemical policy, but it is focused on managing hazardous chemicals, not eliminating them. This is brand with the expertise to become a true leader, and not a green-washer.