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Direct Dialoguer - Face to Face Fundraiser

وظائف - شباط 1, 2012
This job's purpose is to increase financial resources of the organization by recruiting new financial supporters in main Shopping Streets, Down Town, Shopping Malls, International Festivals, etc

Responsibilities include:

  • Inspiring people to want to be part of the organization
  • Developing a detailed understanding of the environmental issues on which Greenpeace campaigns. This would be through training and updates given as well as personal information gathering.
  • Approaching the public and building rapport.
  • Presenting information about the organization and campaigns in clear ways to the public.
  • Meeting the set targets for the value of memberships to be recruited each week.
  • Understanding and completing the bank forms necessary
  • Offering good support service and feeling of gratitude and belonging to new supporters
  • Supporter care and information for existing members and those who decide not to join
  • Constant personal development of approach and skills on the job
  • Assisting with supporting and training of fellow team members
  • Promoting a good image of the organization and of our fundraising program
  • Flexible Schedule, day or night shift, 4-6 hrs a day

Hiring criteria and skill requirements:

We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. The successful applicant will be outgoing and positive, able to easily build rapport with a diverse range of people, have confidence in a sales interaction, have excellent communication skills and have the enthusiasm and motivation to promote our organization. A passion for the environment is essential. Also essential are the ability to reach fundraising targets and handle knock-backs or objections. Ideally candidates would have a great sense of humor, direct selling experience and some environmental knowledge.

Training and Support:

If we take you on as a Direct Dialoguer we will spend a week training you up ready for your new role. This initial training will give you information about Greenpeace as an organization, what we campaign on and why, and tell you about our history and successes. We will also give you scripts and training for the role including role plays and frequently asked questions. We will give you lots of useful information and fact sheets to take away, use on the job, and keep yourself up-to-date. On your first few days we will give you one of our star Direct Dialoguer as guardian. They will help you out with any problems you come across whilst you're still learning. We also have ongoing training: Team leaders and on-the-street trainers will regularly work with you and assist with any difficulties. We have a meeting every week in which more details are given, stuff members sometimes give talks and all questions and difficulties can be discussed.Future Opportunities:We regularly promote Direct Dialoguer to become Team Leaders. This role has extra responsibilities and so extra hours are involved. After one month period; Direct Dialoguer and under request, can get an official recommendation.

Apply Now:

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For details you can call 70-361255.