December 2013 Newsletter

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Publication - February 4, 2014
A warm welcome to this edition of the Greenpeace Africa Member Newsletter after an eventful year for the global organisation and for the Greenpeace Africa office. We extend a particularly warm welcome to our new members, those of you who have reactivated your membership and upgraded your annual subscriptions. Thank you to each and every one of you who have chosen to continue to partner with Greenpeace.

It is through working together that we can continue to tackle the challenges facing our environment and strengthen the voice of the community of committed people who share our sense of urgency around the critical issues facing our continent and our planet.

At Greenpeace Africa we have affirmed our vision and mission as a framework for our next cycle of programming in our three major areas of Climate and Energy, Oceans and Forests work: Our vision is an Africa where people live in harmony with nature in a peaceful state of environmental and social justice.

Our mission is to work with others to foster environmental consciousness whereby Africa's people seek social and economic prosperity in ways that protect the environment for the benefit of humans, the planet, and the future.

In 2014, Greenpeace Africa, together with the global organisation, is moving into a new mode of working, which is about promoting systematic change in the way the organisation works with players in the environmental justice arena. In developing our strategies and policies we take great care.