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No Nuclear!

The energy choices being made today fundamentally affect our country’s ability to create a clean, safe, and secure energy future for all South Africans.

New investments in nuclear are a dead-end, and Greenpeace Africa is campaigning for the South African government to reconsider investments in nuclear energy, and for Koeberg to be shut down at the end of its lifetime.

Six new nuclear reactors are planned for the country, despite the fact that more than one government document (including the National Development Plan) questions the cost of nuclear, stating that new nuclear investments should not be made in the near future.

Nonetheless, the South African government is moving ahead, and has signed a number of classified ‘nuclear co-operation’ agreements. One of those includes a rather dodgy agreement with Russia, implying that Russia was the successful bidder for supplying the reactors, despite no proper procurement or bidding process being followed.

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The big nuclear problems:

The reality is that governments around the world are rethinking nuclear energy because nuclear power has consistently delivered too little, too late and at too high a price.

The South African government should be providing platforms for honest and open debate, rather than pushing ahead with the risky nuclear programme. South Africans have a right to know what the current safety assessments of the proposed nuclear programme are, along with why nuclear power has been favoured over renewable energy investments. To date these assessments have not been made public and too many questions are left unanswered.

A nuclear plant takes more than a decade to build, is dependent on a non-renewable resource, creates dangerous radioactive waste and is very costly. In contrast, renewable energy capacity can be built much faster, and without any of the safety, environmental, and financial risks associated with nuclear power.

Greenpeace strongly believes that nuclear energy is not the answer to our current energy crisis. It will always deliver too little, too late and at far too high a price. Greenpeace Africa is campaigning for new investments to go into renewable energy, instead of nuclear power.

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