YES! To a sustainable fishing code in Senegal!



In Senegal fishing provides jobs for millions of people annually and generates more than 600,000 jobs. However current unsustainable fishing practices, revelations of huge tonnage fraud by Chinese distant water fishing companies and overall mismanagement in the sector is putting too much pressure on the marine ecosystem. This is a huge risk for the future of this area and these people who depend on it for their livelihoods and food security.

Greenpeace and other NGOs who work on sustainable fishing, made recommendations based on scientific investigations, it is now up to political leaders to take these recommendations forward: Fishing regulations review has been underway for years and if passed would mean healthy oceans that can feed people and contribute to the national economy in the coming decades.

Time is running out, we need to push our leaders to ACT: lets put pressure on President of Senegal to hear our call for healthy oceans. A strong show of support this week could change everything.

Sign the petition for a fishing regulations that are good for the environement and the people of Senegal! 

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