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CAN’s Proposal for an International Framework for

Publication | 15 février, 2005 à 23:00

The Climate Action Network has long campaigned for a strong international agreement to achieve real cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The key elements of the Kyoto Protocol are the quantitativelimitation and reduction commitments for...

Atmospheric Responsibility and Climate Change

Publication | 15 février, 2005 à 23:00

The global atmosphere is a vital, fragile, and precious resource. Without it there would be no life on earth. Its overall stability is a crucial matter, not only for the sake of human welfare, but also for the sake of all the many natural goods...

Witnessing Climate Change

Publication | 15 février, 2005 à 23:00

Climate change can be seen in the sky, felt in the air, heard, smelt and even tasted.Its effects on the natural world around us are already too numerous to count. Or hide from witnesses.

Climate leadership from US States, businesses and congressional

Publication | 20 février, 2005 à 23:00

While the world should not expect any change from President Bush in his second term, the complete picture of U.S. climate action includes many significant developments at State level,among businesses and in Congress.

Offshore Wind - Implementing a new power house for Europe

Publication | 25 avril, 2005 à 11:24

Offshore Wind - Implementing a new Power House for Europe is a strategic blueprint that outlines how offshore wind farms will be able to supply about 10% of Europe's electricity sector by 2020. The report represents a crucial tool in the race to...

Energy Revolution: A Sustainable Pathway To A Clean Energy Future for Europe

Publication | 26 septembre, 2005 à 23:00


Energy Revolution: a sustainable pathway to a clean energy revolution for Belgium

Publication | 7 juin, 2006 à 9:23

A sustainable pathway to a clean energy future for Belgium : in order to clarify what political and industrial action needs to be taken in Belgium, Greenpeace has asked the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, Department of Systems Analysis and...

Ampoules économiques et adaptation de la grande distribution

Publication | 20 novembre, 2007 à 23:00

Greenpeace a établi un classement des différentes chaînes de magasins sur base de leur politique de vente en matière d’ampoules économiques.

Que cache la nouvelle campagne d'Electrabel ?

Publication | 13 décembre, 2007 à 23:00

Réaction de Greenpeace sur la nouvelle campagne publicitaire d'Electrabel vantant ses mérites tant en termes de prix que de respect de l'environnement. Info ou intox?

Les classements des 'grands pollueurs' et des constructeurs ACEA

Publication | 26 janvier, 2008 à 23:00

Document de fond sur l'action au Salon de l'Auto, le 27 janvier 2008

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