It's all about the cocktail sauce, or so say many people that linger around the shrimp rings at the holiday parties. If you're one of those people, I have some advice- enjoy the sauce but pass on the shrimp.

In fact, hit the sweet tray or the spinach dip and avoid the seafood tray altogether. I know it’ll be hard, but unfortunately many of our holiday favourites, such as lox and pigs in a blanket (bacon-wrapped scallops), shouldn't be eaten without a healthy side of guilt.

The party host may have a special recipe, but here is what really goes into those seafood snacks.

Shrimp rings: Tropical shrimp, endangered sea turtles, other marine fish, potable water stolen from coastal communities, mangrove forests that provide homes for other marine species, antibiotics, pesticides, over a billion cubic metres of toxic waste discharge, viruses, a few sprigs of corruption and human rights abuses, and some cocktail sauce.

Bacon-wrapped scallops: Atlantic sea scallops, corals, sponges, broken lobster shells, bits of bottom-dwelling creatures, over 100 other non-target species, oh, and bacon.

Lox: Smoked farmed salmon (not in all cases, but in many), dead juvenile pink salmon, parasites, flesh dye, oxygen deprived bottom-dwellers, a dash of dead seal, cream cheese and a choice bread product.

If you're throwing your own party, get creative with your finger foods, and I bet if you just serve the cocktail sauce with some other dippers no one will even miss the shrimp. Some seafood for thought for this holiday season. For more information about seafood species found on Greenpeace Canada’s Redlist visit our website.