Greenpeace volunteers were hitting the streets of Toronto this past week, going door to door in Leslieville and the Annex talking to people about Greenpeace's most recent ranking of Canada’s major canned tuna brands and raising awareness about Greenpeace's campaign targeting Clover Leaf, Canada’s largest seller of canned tuna.

Greenpeace volunteers went door to door in Toronto talking about Clover Leaf canned tuna

The people we spoke to were disturbed to hear that Clover Leaf is still filling its cans with redlisted yellowfin tuna, and has refused to abandon the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in purse seine fishing, an indiscriminate and destructive method of fishing which results in huge amounts of bycatch and is harmful to the health of the oceans.

Clover Leaf must act now to guarantee responsibly sourced tuna. How can you help?

Call Ron Schindler, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Clover Leaf in Canada, and ask him to urge the CEO, Chris Lischewski, to act now.


Call Ron at 1-905-474-0608 ext. 7094

• If you cannot get through, press 1 or 2 for customer service or call the toll-free number at 1 877-893-9880.


Clover Leaf must act now to:

• Stop sourcing Redlisted yellowfin tuna

• Switch to more sustainable fishing methods to catch their skipjack, such as FAD-free purse seining and pole and line

• Transition away from harmful longlines to better fishing methods for albacore tuna

• Ensure fair and equitable tuna

• Support ocean protection by committing to not source from proposed marine reserves such as the high seas area in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean known as the Pacific Commons