Just over three weeks ago, I wrote a message asking individuals across Canada to show their solidarity and #StandForForests, by tying a green ribbon around a tree and sending in their photo.

I wanted to take the time to thank the individuals that have shown their support and encourage others who have not yet had the time. We’ve recieved tree ribbon photos from over 30 locations across the country! Ribbons from Whitehorse, Comox BC, Vancouver, Hamilton, Manitoba, Halifax, Thunder Bay Ont. and Montreal just to name a few. We even had a Canadian send in their ribbon tree photo while visiting the Czech Republic!!!! It’s been wonderful to see them all together on our

StandForForest Google Map But with only 5 days left in this project we still need lots more!

This is something you can take part in from wherever you are! The more communities the better! Let's show the diversity of support for our forests in Canada.

As March 21st marks the 2nd International Day of Forests, We’re asking that as many people as possible, take the time to stand up and be counted. Send in a photo of you and your ribbon tree by this date to along with your location. We’ll add you to the Google map, display it on the

#StandForForest Facebook event page and most importantly include your image in an online human banner that will send to Resolute.

Don't have a Green Ribbon?

Some creative supporters have taken their photo with a t-shirt wrapped around a tree, green beaded necklace, green exercise elastic and more. So look around you and see what's green. Having an image of you standing in solidarity is what’s most important so please don’t feel you need the perfect ribbon… all you’ll need is a desire to create positive change.

Together we’ll show Resolute Forest Products that when it comes to our forests, we will not be silent.

Thank you for all your continued support and for taking an additional active step to #StandForForests.

Amanda Gomm
Greenpeace Canada Volunteer Organizer