This past weekend thousands of people took part in peaceful protests and solidarity events in 263 cities, in 43 countries to express their support for the 30 people detained on a Greenpeace International ship by armed Russian security forces and imprisoned.

This week marks two months since the Arctic 30 were detained, following a peaceful protest against Arctic drilling at a Gazprom oil platform in the Pechora Sea on September 18.  Solidarity events and protests happened around the world, including 10 events across Canada in: Oka National Park, Sherbrook, Quebec City, Oakville, Toronto, St. Catharines, Yellowkinfe, Pender Island, Burnaby and Vancouver.

The movement to #FreeTheArctic30 continues to grow around the world and is gaining more and more attention.  Last week, Madonna joined the efforts with a posting to her fans on Facebook, and the Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard spent time in a mock cage in Place du Palais Royal in Paris to show her support for the detainees. Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney also revealed he had written personally to President Putin to seek the release of the Arctic 30.

You can support the Arctic 30 from where you are in Canada:

Lastly, watch and share this moving video, which showcases some of the solidarity events that took place around the world this past weekend.  And check out this map for an overview of all the events.  

Thanks to all Arctic 30 supporters across the globe for doing all you can to ensure they are freed.  As Alexandre Paul (Po-Paul to his friends) said from jail: "Greenpeace is only but a word, the people behind it, that is our strength."