Remembering Greenpeace in your Will

A legacy to Greenpeace is a powerful way to invest in a sustainable and peaceful future. Legacies honour the memory of a donor, perpetuate their ideals and serve for generations to come.

In order to maintain our independence, Greenpeace does not solicit donations from governments or industry. Bequests to Greenpeace, therefore, offer an effective way of ensuring long-term financial stability to maximize Greenpeace’s ability to achieve campaign targets.

Greenpeace uses legacy gifts to change society’s attitudes and behaviour in order to protect the environment and to promote peace.

Examples of how legacy gifts could fund Greenpeace work:

$750 Buys one full set of professional grade climbing gear to be used in actions.

$55,000 Funds one year’s worth of aerial monitoring by plane and satellite to document illegal logging in the Amazon rainforest.

Pays for a month-long sea expedition, e.g. in a campaign against illegal fishing.

More specifically, your legacy would be used to help Greenpeace: