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Support Arctic communities organizing against the food crisis

Blog entry by Natalie Caine | February 2, 2015

Arctic communities have been taking action for years to expose the outrageously high food prices that are exacerbating poverty in Canada’s North.  This includes crowd sourced reporting like this Nunavut Food Prices tumblr account...


Blog entry by Chris-Ann Lake | April 19, 2016

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT - ALBERTA Volunteer Name: Jason LaChappelle Location: Edmonton, AB 1] How long have you been volunteering for Greenpeace and why did you choose Greenpeace at a place to offer you time and energy? ...

Tools for Change: Important Training Opportunities in Toronto

Blog entry by Natalie Caine | October 18, 2012 1 comment

For about one year Greenpeace Canada has been an active organizing member and supporter of the Tools for Change training project in Toronto.  Since 2010, Tools for Change has been organizing important social change trainings and...

Displaced Arctic Polar Bear Spotted in Niagara Falls

Blog entry by Michael O'Morrow | July 5, 2012

If you happened to be in Niagara Falls June 21st and think you spotted a dancing polar bear, don’t worry. You weren’t hallucinating. You did see a dancing polar bear, and she was there as part of the Canadian launch of Greenpeace...

A tribute to David Italiano

Blog entry by Natalie Caine | June 20, 2012

DAVID ANDREW ITALIANO January 6, 1988 - June 12, 2012 It is with very heavy hearts that we learned that one of our passionate volunteers and loved earth defenders passed away last week.  Dave, as we know him at...

Greenpeace Green Leaders Inspiring Social Action through Youth Education and Empowerment

Blog entry by Anusha Sherazi | May 30, 2012

In April I went as a Green Leader represenative of Greenpeace to make a presentation at Henery Kelesy Public School in Scarborough. It was a great experience for me. I was sent to meet with a grade eight class.  I was pleased to see...

Volunteer Spotlight: Philippe Dumont

Blog entry by atzaras | May 25, 2012

Volunteer Name: Philippe  Dumont Volunteer Title : Montreal Local Group - Volunteer Leader Age: 24 years old Location: Montréal   1] How long have you been volunteering for Greenpeace and why did you choose...

Submissions for Greenpeace Design Competition!

Blog entry by atzaras | May 16, 2012 1 comment

As many of you know, Greepeace Canada is seeking a new t-shirt for our incredible volunteers! We have been hosting a design competition, to get people more involved. Here are the submissions so far -  be sure to check out the slide...

School Talks Open New Doors for Greenpeace Engagement

Blog entry by Brian Bantugan | April 26, 2012

Last April 4, I had the chance as a Greenpeace volunteer Green Leader to speak about Greenpeace before an audience of senior students at Henry Kelsey Senior School in Scarborough.   As part of my internship in the volunteer department...


Blog entry by atzaras | April 27, 2012

GREENPEACE T-SHIRT DESIGN COMPETITION  *** Attention all artists, illustrators and graphic designers! ***   In the spirit of participation, the Greenpeace Volunteer Unit has launched an exciting design initiative!  We...

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