Greenpeace Canada has supporters and volunteers across Canada that are invaluable to our success.  People that support and take actions on our campaigns online and offline, donate to Greenpeace and participate in our volunteer programs.  These people (maybe it’s you!) are the grassroots of Greenpeace, leaders in their communities who spread our mission and campaigns to ensure we achieve change.  Together they join with our millions of supporters worldwide and makeup a truly local-global, or glocal, environmental movement. 

Canned Tuna Surveys

Greenpeace can’t fulfill our mission to protect life and all its diversity without our supporters and volunteers.  So I wanted to fill you in on a great example of how our grassroots supporter base is helping protect our oceans from destructive fisheries.  In February, we asked our supporters across the country to help us do some research and spot check canned tuna on Canadian shelves to find out what brands were selling what types of tuna, and help us confirm information we’ve been soliciting from tuna brands and companies directly.   

Via youtube, campaigners Amanda and Charlie let you know about the easy steps it would take to get involved.  And the results were amazing, from Calgary to Salt Spring Island, Quebec City to St. Jerome, Windsor to Orilla, about 200 supporters volunteered their time to survey stores nears them to gather information about the species of tuna sold by each brand, the range of prices and whether labels included any information about where and how the tuna was caught.

Volunteers helped us by tracking their progress and data collection on interactive maps and communicated with other volunteers the exact supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers they were visiting.  Check out our interactive maps in English and French

The participation and data surveyed have been enormously helpful.  This info will help inform our newest tuna ranking report, which will let consumers and major buyers and sellers of canned tuna know what tuna brands are more committed to sustainable and equitable tuna.  With tuna stocks around the world still being overfished, and countless bycatch species like sharks, rays & sea turtles being caught in tuna nets and often thrown back to sea dead or dying, there really is no more time to waste.  Get caught up on threats to tuna and our oceans here.

Our 2013 ranking due out in April, will let tuna brands know how they stack up to their competition and hopefully motivate them to become sustainability leaders.  The ultimate goal is healthy tuna stocks and ocean ecosystems.  

We are doing all we can to campaign to protect our oceans, and we thank all of you  for campaigning with us. 


Want to do more?

Take a read of our 2012 Tuna Ranking, and stay tuned for our updated version in the next month:

Help us & take action for tuna and our oceans, contact Clover Leaf, the largest tuna brand in Canada and ask them to switch to ocean-friendly tuna, today.  Take action now.  

Join the campaign’s Facebook Page and get connected with Oceans Defenders across the country:


Natalie Caine coordinates the volunteer program for Greenpeace Canada.

 Natalie Caine