I feel pretty devastated right now.

Watching the votes roll in for the U.S. election and seeing a candidate that denies climate change and so openly promotes and embodies misogyny, racism, and hate become the next President elect of the United States. I just feel gutted.

I’m thinking of so many issues from women's rights, to immigration, to prison reform, health care, Indigenous Rights, the Supreme Court, climate change and the list goes on and on. I’m thinking of so many faces of friends, colleagues, and people I don't even know and what this will mean for their lives and loves. I feel your fear.

So what do we do?

All I know is that we need to hold tight to each other. We will need each other more than ever in the days and years ahead and that the world needs so much love right now.

We have seen that there are deep feelings of racism, climate denial, xenophobia, sexism, and ableism that spread right across the United States and those feeling don’t stop at the border. I see those same feelings here in Alberta and we are seeing the rise of right wing populism rooted in those destructive, divisive, values all around the world.

We need to find new ways to talk to each other. So many people felt disenfranchised in this election and we need to build bridges to them. We need to move out of our bubbles and find ways to walk together so that when we are working to build justice, equity, feminism, and environmentalism people don’t feel that those are attacks on them but instead see their own liberation.

Many people wanted change in this election, they just didn’t see any other way to voice that change other than voting for Trump or not voting at all. We need to work to change that. We need to give people pathways to challenge the establishment that are rooted in justice so that their desires can’t be co-opted again.

As a white, middle class male I need to do a better job of talking to my peers. We can’t leave the conversation around misogyny and racism to those that have to deal with the realities of it in their everyday lives.

On the climate side of things we will need to fight like we never have before. We will need to work to ensure that while a climate denialist may be in the White House it’s not in our communities, our politics, or our decisions.

With decreased ambition coming from the President of the United States we will need increased climate ambition from everyone, especially Canada.

In just a few weeks Prime Minister Trudeau will decide whether to approve the Kinder Morgan tarsands pipeline. The project if approved would unlock the climate impacts of 2,700,000 million cars every year. That’s more than 4 times BC’s entire carbon cuts to date in just one project.

If Trump follows through on the climate action gutting commitments he has made, the remaining carbon budget we have for the world to remain safe just got a lot smaller.

We need to unite to ensure Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t green light another carbon enabling pipeline. We need to stand-up and hold our government accountable to ensure they live up to their commitments to fight climate change and respect Indigenous Rights and the United Nations Rights on Indigenous Peoples. We need to push to ensure that while the world may have lost a climate leader south of the border it just gained a leader north of it. That leadership begins by rejecting Kinder Morgan.

The world can’t afford more carbon and with the blow we just took in the United States that has never been more true than today.

We need to be the defenders; The defenders of justice; The defenders of the climate; and the defenders of one another.

Yesterday was a dark day but together we can see our way through it. Let’s ensure that this threat unites us and makes us stronger and more dedicated than ever. Community is our best defence and offence.

So rest, cry, or do whatever you need to do today and tomorrow let’s get up and fight.


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Trudeau say no to Kinder Morgan