Volunteer activity across from Resolute's headquarters

I’m writing to share with you the reasons why I was motivated to join the #StandForForests movement. But how do I speak about it without sounding cliché? How can I share with you what moved me and hope that it moves you too, all without sounding like a little missionary?

I guess I can begin by introducing myself. My name is Alice and I am 20 years old. I am a student and I just participated in my first action as a Greenpeace activist (picture above).


Because I was born at the time of the Earth Summit in Rio, and for me the protection of our planet seems only natural. Because today only 10 to 15 per cent of the publicly owned forests allocated to logging remain intact. And because the forest can’t defend itself.

But perhaps what is less obvious is why did I start engaging actively? Why go beyond just the ideas?

I wanted to participate. I wanted consistency, and I wanted to go beyond the theory.
So one morning last September, I decided to take my convictions and beliefs into my own hands and head to the Greenpeace office.

With one step I was on board. There I was on an adventure I could never have imagined. My adventure is just getting started and I hope it’s a long one. Because yes it’s important to have beliefs, and being active online can have the potential of leading to big victories, but getting involved on the ground is incredible too.

I’ve met a motivated community who share the same ideas that I have; a community that brings me hope. What I want to say is you are not alone in your beliefs.

On a early January morning, I and seven other volunteers headed to the roof of a building across from Resolute Forest Products’ headquarters, Canada’s largest logging company, to unveil a banner we had made. Resolute is the company who is suing Greenpeace and two of its campaigners for $7 million dollars after they stood up to protect the forest.

This was my first volunteer activity and I hope it won’t be my last.

I am not naive, I understand that this is but one drop in an ocean, but you have to start somewhere. It’s accessible to anyone. All it takes is one day where you say “I want to take part too” and then you just have to do it. Yes, it’s true that “the whole system has to change” but what is also true is that to stay a pessimist and resign to do nothing, isn’t going to advance things either. If everybody, starting with oneself, decided to stand up against multinationals like Resolute with concrete actions, even simple ones like this morning, than things will change.

So there is it. And here I am. I do not think I am a hero. It’s in all modesty  that I hope that by standing next to those I admire most, doing the things that can make tomorrow better than today that I hope to find my place.

And what I really want to say is everyone can be involved and get active. It just takes the will to do it. We have to generate the momentum together with each person finding their own way to make the world a better place.

It just means getting going. So let’s get going, and together let’s #StandForForests!
Here are some great ways you can get involved:

  1. Join Greenpeace's awesome team of volunteers
  2. Sign the #StandForForests pledge and join more than 40,000 people who are standing up to help protect Canada’s Boreal Forest and our right to know what’s happening in Canada’s forests. Sign now and your name will be added to the Guardian Tree, which we are going to deliver in-person to Resolute CEO, Richard Garneau, as a symbol of our shared resolve to protect Canadian forests.
  3. Show some love for Canada’s trees. If you believe our trees and forests need to be respected, tie a green ribbon around the tree in your yard, local park or predominant place in your neighbourhood.

          It’s so easy;

  • Make your own #StandForForests ribbon. Need some help to get you started? Download our DIY Ribbon Idea Guide.
  • Write why YOU stand for forests on the ribbon and tie it around a tree.
  • Take a selfie with your ribbon tree and location and share it on our #StandForForests Solidarity Ribbon Facebook page. Don’t have Facebook? No Problem! Send your ribbon tree image, city and neighbourhood to and we’ll make sure it gets included.

#StandForForests tree ribbon