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Why an oceans rescue plan must be agreed at Rio

Blog entry by Richard Page, Greenpeace International | May 27, 2012

It’s only a few weeks until the Rio+20 Earth Summit and although the countdown has started, the world’s politicians still don’t understand that our long-term future is at stake. Our future depends on protecting the global...

New allies in the oceans revolution

Blog entry by Sari Tolvanen | May 22, 2012

Over the past few years we’ve seen increased consumer demand for sustainable tuna products. At the moment, the best option on the shelves is pole and line caught skipjack tuna , the population of which is still relatively plentiful...

Protecting Antarctica, the heart of the ocean

Blog entry by Veronica Frank | May 22, 2012

For many people the Antarctic is little more than a far-away frozen region, literally at the edge of the world; with sterile glaciers, icebergs and colonies of not-so ‘Happy Feet’ penguins, buffeted for much of their lives in the...

Update from Senegal: victory for our oceans!

Blog entry by Raoul Monsembula, Greenpeace Africa | May 14, 2012

Last week, the Senegalese government cancelled all fishing permits for foreign“ pelagic trawlers ,” large fishing vessels that drag nets below the surface of the ocean. This should remind leaders that with political will and...

Shocking images from the BP Gulf disaster

Blog entry by kdavies | May 9, 2012

The White House and BP have been hiding the truth about the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf. After almost two years after Greenpeace submitted a Freedom of Information Request for images and information related to the BP...

Greenpeace volunteers talk to Torontonians about Clover Leaf's unsustainable practices

Blog entry by Alex Speers-Roesch | April 24, 2012

Greenpeace volunteers were hitting the streets of Toronto this past week, going door to door in Leslieville and the Annex talking to people about Greenpeace's most recent ranking of Canada’s major canned tuna brands and raising...

“Tuna the Wonderfish” not so wonderful after all

Blog entry by Sarah King | April 17, 2012

Multi-million dollar US advertising campaign to promote unsustainable canned tuna collapses In March, just a year after the launch of a planned three-year, multi-million dollar advertising push to try and increase sales of...

Pacific Tuna Commission Takes Two Steps Back

Blog entry by Duncan Williams | April 5, 2012

The week long meeting of the Pacific tuna commission (WCPFC) ended in what will be one of the worst outcomes for tuna conservation this commission has seen. After over a year of talks and advice from scientists concerned that...

Saving the oceans one tuna brand at the time

Blog entry by Sari Tolvanen | March 22, 2012

Too often these days political decision-making is just a front for the big businesses that are really running the show, that is why markets-based campaigning is becoming more and more important. That's why we're campaigning to save...

Naval Gazing: Military must address harmful activities in killer whale critical habitat

Blog entry by Alex Speers-Roesch | March 22, 2012

For people concerned about the future of BC’s endangered southern resident orcas, it was a sad day on February 11th when a 3-year-old female washed ashore near Long Beach on the outer Washington coast. Given that fewer than 100...

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