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Since 1996, Greenpeace is standing up against the spread of genetically engineered organisms also known as genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes to create new plants, animals and microorganisms. Multinational corporations have GMO crops planted on millions of hectares of land — a giant genetic experiment with unpredictable and possibly irreversible risks.

Across the country, Greenpeace Canada supports the movement against GMOs. Greenpeace is a member of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) which campaigns to raise awareness on the issues surrounding GMOs and the alternatives.

For more information on GMOs and to follow the latest news: visit www.cban.ca

Supporting campaigns around the world

Greenpeace Canada also works in partnership with Greenpeace offices around the globe. We support and participate in a number of international campaigns.

Around the world, Greenpeace is working to: