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Seafood markets driving change towards sustainable oceans management

Publication - October 27, 2010
Consumer pressure is driving retailers to adopt responsible seafood sourcing practices, which in recent years has brought encouraging changes in the seafood industry. Sustainable seafood is no longer merely an option, but a major step forward for the entire seafood sector. Greenpeace is calling on politicians to follow the lead taken by industry players who have implemented cutting-edge sustainability initiatives.

Seafood markets driving change towards sustainable oceans management

- Over the last year retailers have started to provide greater detail about their seafood products – on packaging, on labels at fish counters or as additional information provided by better-trained fish-counter staff. The overall increase in the transparency of seafood sourcing means customers can now make much more informed choices about the seafood they buy.

- Some of the most common species being removed from the supermarkets shelves globally are orange Roughy, sharks, bluefin tuna, skates and rays.

- Retailers and processor who have developed progressive seafood sourcing policies work closely with their suppliers to shift their procurement to more sustainable fisheries.

- Some market players have expressed their concerns about the future of our oceans in direct contact with politians. The increasing demand for sustainable seafood and the increase in press coverage of fishery issues has certainly been felt in the political halls.

Seafood producers, traders and distributors have already started responding to the increased demand for sustainable seafood and started to change. Now, it is time to see politicians follow market players lead by supporting strong legislation to secure sustainable and well-managed fisheries worldwide.

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