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Page - February 21, 2013
This year, we’re hoping you’ll help us with some in-store research to ensure we have all the necessary data about their products, and to expand our knowledge about what is being sold in the Canadian market

Help Determine the Results of the 2013 Canned Tuna Ranking in 3 Easy steps:


Pick one or more grocery, convenience or pharmacy chain stores that you plan to visit and email your local Greenpeace Volunteer Organizer to say you’d like to help with our 2013 Tuna Survey. Let them know which stores you plan on visiting. If you end up visiting more, no problem, just submit them with your survey. The Organizer will send you the form you’ll need to get started.
Ontario and Atlantic Canada:
Western Canada:

Print out the Tuna Survey form(s), visit your store(s) and head to the canned tuna section. Fill out the form as instructed. 

Take your hand written form home and transfer the information you’ve collected into our electronic version  and send it back to us via email.


That’s it! Just 3 easy steps and you’ll help us push for positive and necessary change in the canned tuna industry. We could not do this without you. 

Here are stores that have already been visited by our volunteers:

View GP 2013 Tuna Surveys in a larger map 

To learn more about the issues associated with canned tuna and our campaign, go to: