Bill C-517: Mandatory labelling of GE food: Your turn to speak out!

Feature story - April 10, 2008
By the luck of the Parliamentary draw, a private member’s bill supporting mandatory labelling of GE food in Canada was randomly selected for debate in the House of Commons in April.

Bill C-517 - Mandatory labelling of GMOs in Canada

Bill C-517, presented by a Bloc Québécois MP, was debated during a second reading on April 3, 2008 . A second hour of parliamentary debate may take place in as early as two weeks, according to the House of Commons calendar. Following this second debate, the House will be called on to vote on Bill C-517 on mandatory GE labelling in Canada.

It is critical that we be able to count on a majority of MPs to vote in favour of Bill C-517.

We have a reasonable chance of winning this vote, but we must get the word out now. Not only will mandatory labelling of GE foods provide you with the information you have a right to, it will also pave the way for a gradual withdrawal of GE foods from the food chain. This will also reduce the dissemination of GE seeds in the environment.

If it is adopted in its second reading, Bill C-517 will be studied by a parliamentary committee and then returned for a third reading in the House of Commons followed by a final vote by Canada's 301 MPs.

What YOU can do!

It is important that federal MPs vote in favour of Bill C-517 on the second reading. The stakes are high but this time, the bill has a very good chance of becoming law. You have the power to persuade our federal MPs to support this bill and to choose us instead of Monsanto!

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In the meantime, there is nothing preventing Canadian provinces, particularly British Columbia, from moving forward and adopting their own laws on mandatory labelling of GE food.