Embarrassment continues to mount for Canada in Copenhagen

Feature story - December 15, 2009
The sad story of Canada’s undermining the crucial climate negotiations in Copenhagen continues to play out.

Canadian Youth Delegation protest at Jim Prentice's press briefing in Copenhagen

New information shows that in closed-door sessions in Copenhagen, Canada has worked to undermine an ambitious target for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

Negotiating text from Friday December 11 proposed that industrialized countries reduce emissions by 30 to 45 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020. Canada blocked movement on this bold target by proposing that industrialized countries should adopt whatever targets they want.

Then the CBC got hold of cabinet documents showing that the Harper government has been secretly planning to dramatically weaken its climate change targets by a factor of three.

The documents show that the Harper government has no intention of meeting the reduction targets of its current plans. In Copenhagen, the Harper government has had a hidden agenda behind its sabotaging international negotiations---weaken Canada's already weak climate "plan."

Canada's embarrassment "rewarded"

As a result of its latest work to derail Copenhagen, Canada received its seventh Fossil of the Day award today (more than any other country). The "award" was presented by the Climate Action Network-International, representing over 400 leading environmental groups from around the world. The "award" goes to countries blocking progress in the negotiations.