The underwater investigation of the wreckage at Robson Bight has begun!

Feature story - November 29, 2007
On Tuesday, November 27, the underwater investigation team including Dorthea Hangaard on behalf of Living Oceans and Greenpeace, convened at Telegraph Cove to head out into Robson Bight to begin the search and assessment of the wreckage resting at 350m below the surface.

Orcas in the bay

Nuytco, the company contracted by the government, began theinvestigation with a series of rotary scans to try to locate andidentify the various pieces of equipment. While weather didn'tcooperate for the first couple of days, a sunny day on Thursday enabledpotentially five targets to be found and there is hope that more mayshow up. This phase of the work is likely to finish today and then theteam will move on to the underwater submersible work, which involvesinspection of the wreckage.

A diesel sheen and asludgy brown petroleum substance was spotted on the water so it's clearthe team is searching in the right spot. We are anxious to see thestate of the wreckage and look forward to the underwater phase of theinvestigation.

On September 20th the governmentcommitted to conducting an underwater investigation of the wreckage ofa barge that dumped its load into Robson Bight Ecological Reserve inAugust. The accident resulted in a diesel spill and Greenpeace, LivingOceans Society and concerned whale watching and research groups plannedto conduct the investigation ourselves to ensure the wreckage did notpose further risk to the resident orca population and other marinelife.

For more information on investigation detailsand players please visit: Living Oceans.

Stay tunedfor further updates.