Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for passionate people who want to get involved! There are many ways that you can volunteer, including participating in campaign projects, speaking at schools and coming out to community events or local actions. Together we can make change happen!

Your first step in becoming a volunteer is signing up for our Volunteer Newsletter. You will be sent regular updates and you will be notified of important volunteer orientation and planning meetings, as well as when we are looking for people to participate in specific activities. There's lots to do -- everything from helping run events to painting banners and getting ready for big days of action.

Your second step is to attend one of our volunteer orientations meetings! Look at our volunteer calendar to find events in your area.

We have regular volunteer opportunities

near our regional offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

Meet the Team:


Aspa Tzaras
Actions & Offline Mobilization Team Representative - Ontario and Manitoba

Contact Aspa directly through her Greenwire profile