2017 Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking

Greenpeace Canada has once again ranked well-known canned tuna brands sold in the Canadian market. Companies are scored on their attention to employing strong sustainability and social responsibility tuna sourcing standards, with the ultimate goal of ensuring healthier oceans and safer working conditions for the people who fish, process and deliver tuna from sea to shelf. This year, we enlisted the help of the public to highlight what, from the customer’s perspective, it’s like to seek better tuna options, despite bold sustainability claims and green promises made by trusted retailers and brands. As most of the canned tuna is purchased in larger supermarket chains, we’ve shone a spotlight on the ranked grocers to see how their tuna aisles fair overall when considering the overall array of tuna they offer on store shelves. Check it out below and consult our Tuna Guide for Healthier Oceans site for a product by product rating of dozens of brands and products sold across Canada beyond those ranked here.

About the The Ranking
The Ranking, shown vertically, consists of 16 companies with well-known canned tuna brands sold in the Canadian market. Companies are broken down into the Green, Yellow and Red categories corresponding to how they scored, and ranked from first to last, with the best companies on top and the worst companies on the bottom.

About the Supermarket Spotlight
The black fish on cans extending horizontally from the supermarket chains’ logo reveals, on a 5-point system, how they are working to green their entire tuna aisle. To inform the rating, in-store surveys were conducted by volunteers, members of the public and Greenpeace supporters. Survey participants were asked 5 questions about the visibility, composition and extent of responsibly-caught products offered on shelves.