Energy Council – Commission must hear Energy Ministers’ call on renewables beyond 2020

Press release - December 3, 2012
Brussels - EU energy ministers acknowledged during their Council meeting today the need to support renewable energy after 2020, said Greenpeace.


Meeting in Brussels to discuss the future of renewable energy policy, energy ministers called on the Commission to come forward with proposals.  Ministers confirmed that a new policy framework should be based on the “no-regrets" options, i.e. substantially higher shares of renewable energy, increased energy efficiency and flexible infrastructure.

Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser Frederic Thoma said: "The EU currently spends some €350-400 billion annually to pay for fossil fuel imports. The member states that are struggling most in today’s financial crisis are those whose fossil fuel dependency is the highest. European citizens and investors need certainty about the path ahead. The Commission must now come forward with a proposal for a binding 45% target for clean, safe, indigenous renewable energy for 2030.”


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