Roadmap to Recovery: A global network of marine reserves

Publication - January 1, 1999
Marine reserves are the most powerful tool available for the conservation of ocean wildlife and may also benefit fisheries by promoting recovery and reproduction of exploited species. In this report we present a design for a global network of high seas marine reserves.

Greenpeace activists take action against a Swedish cod trawler, the Glomfjord. The vessel continued trawling in the proposed marine reserves despite Greenpeace's appeal to voluntarily refrain from fishing in the area. Greenpeace is calling for the creation of a marine reserve, to protect the ecosystem, and allow for the recovery of fish stocks.


Author: Greenpeace

Executive summary:

Marine reserves are highly protected areas that are off limits to all extractive and destructive uses, including fishing. The network we propose aims to protect places that are biologically rich, supporting outstanding concentrations of animals and plants.

Num. pages: 60