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The Price of Plunder

Publication | February 27, 2012 at 15:51

The fundamental problem facing Europe’s fishing industry is overcapacity: its fleet is catching far more than current fish stocks can bear. Under the broken governance of the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), Europe’s waters have been...

Fisheries Council comment

Press release | December 20, 2012 at 13:57

Brussels, 20 December 2012 - Greenpeace is critical of last night’s deal on fish quotas for 2013, as it allows more fish to be caught than is sustainable. However, ministers for the first time have shown a level of discipline that has not been...

Delivering on the promise of sustainable fishing

Publication | February 18, 2014 at 11:56

A Greenpeace briefing on the future of EU Common Fisheries Policy

Fisheries ministers play for time on stock recovery

Press release | May 14, 2012 at 12:31

Brussels - European fisheries ministers are meeting in Brussels today to discuss a major reform of EU fishing rules. The main items on the table are the recovery of fish stocks to sustainable levels by the proposed target date of 2015, and...

Fisheries Council: Greenpeace calls on ministers to focus on fish stock recovery

Press release | December 17, 2013 at 9:30

Brussels – As EU fisheries ministers convene in Brussels today to discuss the 2014 fish quotas, Greenpeace is calling on them to honour their commitment to end overfishing by 2015 by limiting catches to sustainable levels. Ministers will agree...

Europe’s fish stocks and fishing communities face further decline without strict...

Press release | December 14, 2015 at 10:06

Brussels - With more than 40 per cent of Atlantic and North Sea fish stocks assessed as overfished, EU ministers meeting today and tomorrow must set strict quotas for 2016 to end overfishing. Ministers are expected to conclude their work late on...

EU ministers sell out on promise to end overfishing

Press release | December 16, 2015 at 4:23

Brussels – Early on Wednesday morning, EU ministers reached a disappointing agreement on 2016 fishing quotas that endorses continued overfishing of stocks in the Northeast Atlantic and the North Sea [1].

NGOs concerned over threats to block EU fisheries reform

Press release | April 30, 2013 at 19:05

Today, following a meeting with Irish fisheries minister and chair of the EU fisheries Council, Simon Coveney, European civil society and conservation groups expressed their concern about the threat of delays or the possible collapse of...

Monster boats nov 2014

Publication | November 3, 2014 at 18:37


Report: Onboard Employment

Publication | March 18, 2014 at 15:00

European fisheries are facing an unsustainable situation in which previously rich, diverse fish stocks have been decimated, giving rise to an ecological, social and ultimately, economic crisis. Having depleted resources in European waters, the EU...

Maximum sustainable yield (MSY) legal briefing

Publication | September 30, 2015 at 10:55

This briefing analyses the provisions in Article 2(2) of the CFP Regulation (1380/2013) and explains the scientific rationale for imposing an obligation to limit exploitation rates below the FMSY reference point.

Comments on the EC communication on the state of stocks and fishing opportunities for...

Publication | October 2, 2015 at 16:23

The European Commission communication on the state of fish stocks in Europe is an annual opportunity to evaluate progress and deficiencies in the efforts to recover fish populations to a sustainable state.

EU parliament votes to overhaul fisheries policy

Press release | February 6, 2013 at 10:59

Strasbourg/Brussels – A historic vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today has brought the prospect of a fast recovery of Europe’s fish stocks one step closer, according to Greenpeace.

Fisheries Council: threat of collapse hangs over fisheries reform

Press release | May 10, 2013 at 10:58

WHAT? EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council WHEN? Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 May WHERE? Brussels, Belgium

Over 100,000 voices call on EU to support low-impact fishing

Press release | May 29, 2013 at 8:30

Brussels – As a final round of negotiations to reform EU fishing rules began Tuesday evening in Brussels, Greenpeace delivered over 100,000 paper boats signed by people from around Europe in support of low-impact fishing and a fundamental reform...

Five–point plan for EU fisheries reform

Publication | April 24, 2012 at 14:20

Greenpeace and Oceans2012 set out their vision for a five point plan for a successful reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

EU fisheries ministers fail to end overfishing

Press release | December 16, 2014 at 23:13

Brussels – Commenting on the outcome of the fisheries Council today, Greenpeace EU fisheries policy director Saskia Richartz said: “It is unacceptable that many of the fishing quotas agreed today fail to end overfishing. Ministers gave no...

Official report confirms massive misuse of EU fisheries funds

Press release | December 12, 2011 at 12:41

Brussels, 12 December 2011 - The EU Court of Auditors today published a report damning costly failures to eliminate overfishing in Europe.

EU ministers split over fisheries reform

Press release | February 26, 2013 at 14:30

Brussels – EU fisheries ministers are heading into a long night of negotiations as they clash over measures to ban fish discards (the wasteful practice of throwing unwanted fish overboard). The differences voiced during a public debate this...

Greenpeace lodges legal complaint against Dutch owners of super trawler for dumping 1...

Press release | March 28, 2013 at 20:01

Amsterdam – Greenpeace has lodged a legal complaint with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authorities (NVWA) against the Dutch fishing company Parlevliet & Van Der Plas.

Joint NGO letter to EU fisheries ministers on fisheries reform and stock recovery

Publication | April 11, 2013 at 10:00

As negotiations on the reform of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy enter the final stage, over 200 groups from civil society are calling on EU fisheries ministers to support an end to overfishing and the speedy restoration of fish stocks.

Parliament fights overfishing by voting to reform subsidies

Press release | October 23, 2013 at 14:12

Strasbourg - Greenpeace cautiously welcomed today’s decision by the European Parliament to cap subsidies for the modernisation of the EU fishing fleet and to reject proposals to subsidise the construction of new boats. It warned however that a...

Members of the European Parliament back extensive reform of EU fisheries policy

Press release | December 18, 2012 at 15:15

Brussels – The European Parliament’s fisheries committee has endorsed sweeping reforms of EU fisheries policy that could help bring back fish stocks from the brink and reverse decades of overfishing by a bloated EU fishing fleet, said Greenpeace.

MEPs back conflicting measures to limit the global impact of the EU fishing fleet

Press release | September 19, 2012 at 12:18

Brussels – The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee has voted today on proposed changes to the EU’s fishing practices in international and foreign waters. The committee recognised the need to reduce the impact of EU fishing vessels abroad,...

EU fisheries ministers fall short of full discards ban

Press release | February 27, 2013 at 12:50

Brussels – EU fisheries ministers have agreed a proposal for limited restrictions on discards - the practice of throwing unwanted dead fish overboard. The Irish EU presidency will now have to negotiate a full reform of fisheries policy with the...

EU falls short of eliminating subsidies that fuel overfishing

Press release | January 29, 2014 at 10:01

Brussels – The European Parliament, EU governments and the Commission reached a political agreement last night on the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), but the final deal could undermine efforts to improve fishing rules, said...

Employment on board

Publication | May 6, 2013 at 15:00

The world’s oceans cannot withstand the current rate of fishing. In order to ensure the future of marine biodiversity and of those who make their living by it a sustainable fishing model must be established.

Compulsory ‘privatisation of the sea’ dead in the water

Press release | April 27, 2012 at 11:07

Brussels - European ministers meeting today in Luxembourg are unlikely to support a plan by the European Commission to oblige European countries to set up a market allowing fishermen to trade fishing quotas, said Greenpeace.

Parliament environment committee takes a stand on fisheries reform

Press release | May 8, 2012 at 10:41

Brussels - A broad coalition of civil society groups praised the European Parliament environment committee for its strong stand today on EU fisheries reform. In a vote on the reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), the members of the...

Greenpeace activists obstruct access to EU fisheries Council

Press release | June 12, 2012 at 9:00

UPDATE - Greenpeace activists have ended a blockade outside the Council building started early this morning in Luxembourg ahead of a crucial meeting of EU fisheries ministers to discuss a reform of EU fishing rules. Activists lifted the...

Commission report highlights failure by EU governments to tackle excessive fishing...

Press release | July 9, 2012 at 11:32

Brussels - Greenpeace urged EU fisheries ministers to put their houses in order, as a new report by the European Commission highlights the lack of effective action to recognise and tackle the excessive fishing capacity of EU fleets. The report...

Plunder continues as EU fisheries ministers tinker around the edges of reform

Press release | March 19, 2012 at 8:30

Brussels/Nouadhibou (Mauritania) - European fisheries ministers meeting in Brussels to discuss the reform of EU fishing rules are expected to ignore the critical imbalance between the bloated size of EU fleets and dwindling stocks, said...

Small-scale fishermen and Greenpeace call on EU ministers to end quota madness

Press release | December 18, 2012 at 9:06

Brussels, 18 December 2012 – European small-scale fishermen and Greenpeace have joined forces to warn EU fisheries ministers not to favour Europe’s destructive industrial fishing fleet, ahead of annual negotiations to decide how much fish can be...

EU fisheries reform – call for action

Publication | June 12, 2012 at 9:00

Fisheries ministers in the European Union have been entrusted to work with the European Parliament to chart a new path for EU fisheries management that breaks with decades of short-sighted overexploitation of our seas and recovers fish...

Fisheries Council: NGO open letter to ministers opposing CFP reform compromise

Publication | June 11, 2012 at 12:30

Dear ministers, 75% of European fish stocks are overexploited and almost one-third of fishing jobs in Europe have been lost in the last decade alone. This is the result of 30 years of mismanagement. You have been entrusted to work with the...

Commission fisheries fund plan continues subsidy binge

Press release | December 2, 2011 at 13:11

Brussels - A new plan unveiled today by the European Commission to review fisheries subsidies has failed to deliver a vital shift to support low-impact fishermen, said Greenpeace. Earlier drafts of the plan had promised a new approach that could...

Danish presidency opts for status quo not sea change

Press release | June 8, 2012 at 12:20

Brussels - As next week’s Council is expected to agree a joint position on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform, leading green and campaign groups warn that the proposed deal would not stop the depletion of fish stocks for another decade. By...

Joint statement of the Mauritanian actors and Greenpeace

Press release | September 8, 2013 at 13:00

We, actors of the Mauritanian fisheries sector, representative of the professional organizations and civil society, have jointly organized with Greenpeace Africa this Sunday, September 8th 2013 in Nouakchott, a workshop on the status of fisheries...

European ministers want to continue bankrolling overfishing

Press release | October 23, 2012 at 18:28

Luxembourg / Brussels – Greenpeace has condemned EU ministers for selling out to the short-term economic interests of the industrial fishing industry, instead of putting Europe’s fisheries onto a path of recovery. Many parts of the EU fishing...

Fisheries Council (quotas) photo opportunity 18 Dec

Background | December 11, 2012 at 11:25

EU fisheries ministers will meet on 18-20 December to agree fishing quotas for 2013. On the same day, the European Parliament’s fisheries committee will hold a crucial vote on the reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy.

Tackling fleet overcapacity - policy briefing

Publication | April 1, 2012 at 8:37

The size and capacity of the EU fleet is estimated to be 2 to 3 times above the sustainable level in a number of fisheries, according to European Commission figures.1 This overcapacity drives overfishing, causing environmental harm and making the...

Reforming EU fisheries subsidies - a joint NGO discussion paper and technical resource

Publication | October 2, 2011 at 12:29

Widespread overcapacity in the EU fishing fleet has led to 70 percent of European fish stocks being fished above maximum sustainable yield, with untold damage done to global fish stocks where the EU is also active. Without urgent change, only...

Arctic Sunrise captures EU trawlers plundering West African seas

Blog entry by Willie Mackenzie | February 27, 2012

Our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is currently in Mauritanian waters to highlight the problems of overfishing emptying African seas. Vast factory-style fishing boats are trawling out fish at an alarming rate and decimating local ecosystems...

Danish EU presidency - Greenpeace priorities for the environment

Publication | January 9, 2012 at 12:39

Denmark will take the helm of the Council of the European Union from January 2012 at a crucial time for the future of Europe and its citizens. As government cuts start to bite and the debt and Euro-zone crises unfold, Europeans continue to be...

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