Here's an update to English-speakers out there.

A waste water pool at the Talvivaara mine in Northern Finland started leaking contaminated water into environment last Sunday. Plastic coating at the bottom of the waste pool got a large breach and poisonous water started leaking out at a speed of 5 000-6 000 cubic
metres an hour.

Large part of the leak got out of the mine on the North side and continued into nearby rivers and lakes. On the South side of the mine, the leak has ended up in emergency pools but those "pools" lack bottom structures so there's likely to be a large leak into groundwater.

The leaking continued until Wednesday night when the company finally managed to block the leaking towards North. Leaking still continues towards the South however and the emergency "pools" are getting pretty full.

The leaking water contains toxic heavy metals, chemicals and some uranium, but we don't know yet how much of it made its way out of the mine and how contaminated exactly it was.

We have been present outside the mine area the whole day and facilitated a web push against the regional authority that refuses to close down the mine despite continous problems.

The minister of environment also turned up at the site today and said they "will call in the army" to repair the pools if necessary, this being the third time they have a leak from the same pool.

There's also a continuous flood of scandals turning up at this mine including people who switched between building parts of the mine and acting as the environmental authority resposible for inspecting the very same structures.