Google responds to Clean our CloudIn response to the Greenpeace How Clean is Your Cloud report released yesterday, Urs Hoelzle Google’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure in a statement published in the New York Times said that:

“The company welcomed the Greenpeace report and believed that it would intensify the industry’s focus on renewable energy.” 

Hoelzle added that: 

“We’ve put a significant time and resources into making Google as energy efficient as possible, using renewable energy, and investing in the sector. We welcome reports like this, as they bring additional attention to these important issues for the industry.”

While Google rated high in our report released today, other big tech firms like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon continue to use dirty coal to power their data centers. Take a minute to take action and tell the CEO’s of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft to clean our cloud!

Kevin Grandia is a Director at Greenpeace USA and has been writing on climate change and other pressing environmental issues for more than six years.