Some of the most developed countries in the world have taken the warning of the Fukushima nuclear emergency seriously. Like Germany, a lot of countries using nuclear energy ordered a review of the existing nuclear plants right after the Fukushima tragedy. Germany, however, took the next step and announced its decision to phase nuclear energy by 2022.[1]

Switzerland is also planning to go down the path taken by Germany. Switzerland’s National Council has already voted in favour of phasing out all nuclear energy by 2034.[2] The upper house is yet to cast its decisive vote on the issue. Japan has also indicated that it is open to consider a nuclear phase out after a thorough evaluation of its current nuclear installations.[3]

Technologically advanced nations of the world are taking decisions for the sake of their citizens. They will now be looking to bolster the use of renewable energy to meet their requirements. These countries realise that nuclear energy comes with too much risk which is not worth taking. Back home, the protests against the Jaitapur nuclear plant in Maharashtra continue, and the government refuses to listen.