Employment Benefits

Page - April 26, 2011
In addition to getting paid for the job we love to do, we also receive a number of benefits on the job.

We provide our employees & their dependents with medical insurance coverage for hospitalization.

Accident & Life
We also provide our employees with insurance cover for any accident or death during their employment with us.

Savings & gratuity
Employees may opt to participate in the provident fund scheme. We also provide gratuity benefits at the end of the staff's employment, subject to conditions.

Time off

  • Vacation – staff are eligible to 24 days leave per year
  • Compensatory leave – staff are eligible for time off in lieu
  • Parental leave – standard maternity leave benefits apply to our staff too
  • Other types of leave – we have several other generous leave categories for our staff

Learning & development
True learning happens on the job, and Greenpeace provides a number of opportunities & responsibilities pretty early on in your career with us for you to learn.

  • You are provided with opportunities for training & secondments to our international offices.
  • You have access to a wealth of knowledge within our global offices.
  • You are given the freedom to pursue your ideas, test them, implement them and learn from the experience.
  • You are entrusted with responsibility pretty early on in your career. You may just be a few months old with us and you could be asked to lead a project, represent Greenpeace at an international meeting, meet a cabinet minister or even be a panelist in a news show.

Meeting the coal minister
Greenpeace volunteers and staff meet the coal minister to deliver a petition of 1.1 lakh signatures, some of them were dressed as tigers.