Activists occupy trees outside Coal Ministry

Video | September 18, 2012

On 11th September, Greenpeace activists unfurled a 50 foot banner across two trees outside the Coal Ministry at Shastri Bhawan that read 'Ministry of Coal Scam and Forest Destruction'.

When the activists finally met Mr. Alok Perti, Advisor, Ministry of Coal, he refused to discuss the issue with them. He said that forests are the concern of the MOEF and not the Coal Ministry. When asked questions about the current coal reserves, he just asked us to apply for RTIs.

The government's plant to mine coal in the forests of Central India will destroy wildlife and the livelihoods of thousands of communities dependent on these forests. Greenpeace India has been campaigning against coal mining, and wants the government to protect the forests instead. Sign the petition to ask the government to save forests.