Page - April 27, 2010

Summary 42/100

economy-wide transformation that would further drive IBM's solutions business model.nor IBM’s lobbying machine has put Big Blue’s weight behind pushing the policy solutions that are needed to drive theDespite high-level political access, particularly to the Obama Administration in the U.S., neither CEO Sam Palmisanoits delivery of IT solutions to reduce emissions on a large scale, as evidenced most clearly by city-level solution projects.Home of the ubiquitous “Smarter Planet” marketing strategy, IBM continues to demonstrate climate leadership through

IBM has been one of the sector leaders in demonstrating the ability and benefits of achieving significant reductions in GHG emissions from its own operations. But with IBM’s stated investment plans to ramp up cloud computing investments, and the associated increase in electricity consumption that that will bring, how the IBM cloud is built will become an increasingly important factor in subsequent Leaderboard evaluations of their continued leadership in managing their own carbon footprint. With a much stronger submission by partner / rival Cisco and the addition of Ericsson, both of which scored above IBM even in the solutions category, IBM has dropped to third place in this Leaderboard. We hope to see much more policy advocacy from IBM and an even stronger submission for its solutions work for the Fall 2010 Leaderboard.

Solutions 23/50

IBM offers a wide range of climate solutions as part of its ‘Smarter Planet’ program and provides some case studies of savings achieved. IBM also provided case studies for traffic reduction in Stockholm and Smart Grid data. While savings figures were provided, IBM needs to give more details on additional case studies with net emissions savings and solutions.

Footprint 12/15

IBM has a proven track record of reducing its GHG emissions and provides very strong absolute emissions reductions targets. IBM has achieved 8.6 percent renewable energy use by 2008, but it has not set a target to increase use by 2012.

Advocacy 7/35

IBM is weak on taking a progressive position in the political debate on climate legislation. The best example is its letter to Australian Prime Minister before Copenhagen.

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