Page - April 27, 2010

Summary 27/100

Though it does not sell solutions directly, as one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world, Intel has significant business opportunities associated with green IT technologies that address climate change. Significant investment in a new generation of computer chip technology is required to integrate and transform appliances, buildings, sensors and other devices and wire them into “smart” devices, which will allow us to more efficiently and dynamically manage our energy use.

Intel has taken management of its carbon footprint seriously. As the operator of a significant number of data centers, it has made some direct investments in renewable electricity generation, and has been the largest purchaser of renewable electricity in the U.S. for the past two years. Unfortunately, this same commitment has not been seen in its engagement approach to climate and energy policy development. This is quite surprising from a company that has built its brand identify around an ability to drive innovation. Strong domestic climate and energy policy is what is needed to spur innovation and drive demand for IT energy solutions in the U.S.

Solutions 7/50

Intel scores for publishing one of the few detailed comparison studies on the overall energy savings of digital music delivery in place of traditional music distribution. More examples like this are needed to highlight the benefits of specific solutions.

Footprint 15/15

Intel is strong on reducing its carbon footprint with the top score for emissions reduction and renewables use and is the largest purchaser of renewable electricity in the U.S.

Advocacy 5/35

Intel provides few examples of how it is effectively advocating for stronger climate policy. In fact, one of the few recent examples isolated Intel as the sole IT company to join a letter to key U.S. Senators along with large carbon intensive companies in pushing for a significant weakening of U.S. climate legislation by allowing more international “offsets” into the carbon trading system.

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