Rainbow Warrior

Page - October 6, 2010
She's been bombed, impounded, rammed by government ships, raided by police... and loved by millions of people. After 52 years at sea (21 years as a Greenpeace campaigning ship), the current Rainbow Warrior is heading for retirement.

She has challenged the legal system and won, she’s confronted environmental crimes, relocated the population of a South Pacific Island contaminated by radiation, provided disaster relief to victims of the 2004 Tsunami in South East Asia, and sailed against whaling, war, global warming, and other environmental crimes on every ocean of the world.

Help us build the new Rainbow Warrior

After 52 years at sea (21 years as a Greenpeace ship), the current Rainbow Warrior is heading for retirement. 

The ship will be purpose-built and better equipped to tackle the great environmental threats of our time - like climate change, overfishing, destructing of forests and toxic chemicals poisoning the Earth.

The new custom-built Rainbow Warrior will enable us to take action, year after year, anywhere in the world. That persistence and dedication is what enables Greenpeace to win important victories. And we need those victories more now than ever before.

Please help us build the new Rainbow Warrior by making a donation today.

How the new Rainbow Warrior will make a difference

As part of her role the new Warrior will work at the front line to:

  • Promote clean, green energy - blocking coal shipments and launching activists to draw attention to the desperate need for a global revolution in renewable energy.
  • Defend our forests - she will track illegal shipments of timber, collecting the evidence needed to prosecute rogue companies and bring about tougher government regulations.
  • Protect our oceans - her helicopter carrying facilities will enable us to spot illegal fishing operations from miles and bring criminals to justice and work towards establishing marine reserves.