Greenpeace reminds Nitish Kumar of his promise on renewable energy

Government must bring policy on renewable energy to provide power to all

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Press release - November 30, 2010
Patna, 30 November 2010: Greenpeace today reminded Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of his promise, as mentioned in the manifestos of both ruling parties JD(U) and BJP, to make a new policy on renewable energy (RE) in order to ensure electricity to all people in the state.

Congratulating Nitish Kumar on his return to power with a thumping majority, Greenpeace India executive director, Samit Aich said “we want Nitish Kumar to recall that people voted in support of his development agenda, including a promise to ensure power for all, with special emphasis on renewable energy.  We want him to promptly implement his energy agenda and ensure that people get sustainable and reliable energy through decentralised renewable energy.”

“We want the new government to show its political will as all eyes are watching how this government delivers on the promises it has made”, Aich noted.

The JD(U) has set a target of 988 MW which is more than double the current installed capacity of the state.

In the run up to the elections in Bihar in October, Greenpeace had campaigned in the state to spread awareness on decentralised renewable energy (DRE) and to get commitment from political parties to work towards energy sufficiency through RE.

 “Greenpeace is joined by a network of 80 non government organisations and villages and groups representing 30 lakh people who support DRE as the key to solve the energy crisis of the state. Decentralised renewable energy systems can deliver quality access of power to people in the state. Investment in RE would also mean green jobs, better education, and health care,” said Ramapati Kumar, campaigner, Greenpeace India.

The newly elected members of the Vidhan Sabha are set to play a key role in drafting strategy for new government. With nearly 75 per cent of the newly elected members of Bihar assembly represent parties who have promised to work on renewable energy, it should therefore not be problem for political parties to make new policy.

The recent election was a watershed event in the political arena in many senses as it saw a higher turnout, violence free poll and development as the election agenda for the first time. All the trends are quite appreciative and hopefully the new government will move forward with its developmental agenda as promised during the poll.

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