Supporter Stories

Page - August 17, 2016
Greenpeace India’s work is sustained by financial contributions made my individuals. This makes us independent and enables us to take on strong entities who hurt our environment. A "Thank you" does not do justice the feeling of gratitude we have for our financial supporters. So here are some stories from people who support Greenpeace India. They inspire us, hope they inspire you too.
I had always heard of Greenpeace, knew what it was up to and for some time was a contributor too. But I never had an opportunity to interact with them until two young activists caught me in the middle of handling GoaFest-07. They wanted Leo Hope to help put together communication for World Environment Day. I told them to meet me in a month’s time… and on the dot, a month later, there they were.

A few meetings later we had something exciting but no idea how to pull it off in less than fifteen days. Then I met the real Greenpeace: persistent, enthusiastic, obsessive, idealistic, zealous, passionate and extremely committed. It was refreshing to work with such a fabulous group of people. I was genuinely amazed at their deep desire to see things through. I know only people like them will make a real difference. I wish Greenpeace a happy Earth!
- Seema
Last June, a man in a green jacket approached me and asked me to join Greenpeace. I listened to him, thinking my little contribution could actually make the world a better place, and I signed up as a supporter. If I break up the word ‘Greenpeace’ it says Green (meaning a sense of tranquility or coolness that one may relate directly with the environment) and ‘peace’ (which means silence; a state where one is in touch with the self). Greenpeace therefore means an environment in which one senses rejuvenation and relaxation. Isn’t this in fact what everybody wants? Targeting powerful companies like Wipro and making them change their ways is remarkable. It requires not only a strong sense of direction but also guts to make that change happen. Greenpeace is one organization that is striving real hard to achieve what is being dreamt of and I am proud to be a part of their initiative.
- Himanshu
I’m glad to be a part of Greenpeace. As one who’s concerned about global warming, deforestation and misappropriation of cultivated land for industrial purposes, it’s astonishing that in the name of development and progress, we’re simply not concerned about the attendant environment crisis.

Today, the onus is on each of us to be aware and concerned about the state of our world. It is time to stand up and resist all acts against the planet.
- Syed
It would be tough for anyone to explain the beauty of blue skies or lush forests when we won’t have them anymore. What will a little kid of the future understand about the feeling of getting drenched in the rain, on a hot summer afternoon, under an azure sky? Greenpeace is working towards making companies act responsibly towards our Earth, so that we don’t have to rely on books and movies to show our children and our grandchildren what forests and blue skies were. Someone has to be bold enough to say that the ‘emperor is not wearing any clothes’ so that we become more responsible and cherish our planet, for this generation and the generations to come. Greenpeace, you are the best!
- Saumen
I came across Greenpeace through an awareness program in Pune. Though initially apprehensive, I decided to join as a supporter. In retrospect I feel it’s very satisfying to support such a cause. After all, Greenpeace to me is not just any other forum for volunteers trying to change the face of the world. The work they are doing is indeed impacting our lives, though in ways more subtle than obvious. The stupendous achievements of this organization worldwide speaks volumes about the kind of constructive work a community with a firm believe in environmental ethics and nature conservation can do. Today, this is needed more than ever, when the harmful effects of unrestrained exploitation of natural resources are evident.
- Shatam