ALCATEL-LUCENT - 8th position (TIED), 40/100

Alcatel-Lucent holds steady at 40 points from last year’s evaluation, earning the company a tie for 8th place, but down two spots overall.

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Alcatel-Lucent again demonstrated strong leadership in managing its own energy footprint, matching newcomer Sprint to set the pace among the telecommunications companies, but continues to fall well short of rival Ericsson both in solutions and advocacy leadership.

Although it is undergoing some turmoil due to a CEO transition, if Alcatel-Lucent continues to build on its existing strength in solutions offerings and energy footprint management, it is well positioned to demonstrate much stronger leadership, particularly among the telecommunication companies. Through Green Touch, which it helped create, and other mechanisms, Alcatel-Lucent can leverage its understanding of the energy savings potential of the telecommunications sector to advocate for more sustainable policies. Those policies would help Alcatel-Lucent and others in the industry grow their solutions business and help its telecommunication operator customers transition their growth to highly efficient and renewable-powered infrastructure.

Competitor Comparison

Alcatel-Lucent's performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here