HP - 5th position (TIED), 43/100

HP increased its score in each of the three leadership evaluation categories, but by far the biggest jump comes in Political Advocacy. 

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After barely registering in advocacy leadership for the past two editions of the Leaderboard, HP receives points for supporting a renewable energy policy priority in the US, signing onto a letter alongside Sprint and Microsoft to Congressional leadership on the importance of extending the wind tax credit in the US.

HP still helps to set the bar for product efficiency and measurement of its supply chain emissions, but HP has largely stood still in demonstrating leadership in managing its own environmental footprint, while other companies have caught up and surpassed it, including Dell. HP has certainly had its own share of struggles as it seeks to regain its footing in the “post-pc” era, and may find it tempting to delay adoption of new environmental performance goals until it has done so. However, HP would be much better served in the long term if it uses environmental and renewable energy performance goals to guide the next phase of its growth toward becoming more of a service-oriented company as delivered through cloud computing infrastructure.

Similarly, HP had been an early leader in the sector in climate and energy policy advocacy, but has increasingly remained silent while peers have become stronger advocates. Having endured several sudden CEO transitions in recent years, hopefully the recent support for the extension of renewable energy tax incentives in the US is an early sign that HP intends to again use its influential brand to push for government policies that will drive renewable energy investments.

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