SAP - 15th position, 24/100

The business management software provider SAP gains only 1 point in this version of the Leaderboard.

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SAP’s strongest leadership is again related to managing its Energy Impact, making year-on-year progress on the company’s carbon emissions reduction goals despite growth in revenue.

SAP data on its own emissions is also impressively transparent and well presented, with strategies for tackling the largest sources of emissions clearly explained and backed up with data.

However, SAP needs to publicly disclose more detail in how its own IT solutions are reducing emissions in other sectors of the economy. SAP has made several large acquisitions over the last four years (Clear Standards, Sybase and TechniData) that offer climate solutions. There is promise for clearly showing how SAP software can help significantly reduce companies’ emissions such as the Danone–SAP collaboration on carbon analytics.

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SAP's performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here