VODAFONE - 8th position (TIED), 40/100

After making an impressive debut in last year’s Leaderboard, when it lead telecom operators with a 5th-place ranking, Vodafone unfortunately takes the biggest tumble in this year’s leaderboard, dropping 5 points to 8th place and allowing newcomer Sprint to take top honours among telecom operators.

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This was nearly entirely due to a sudden drop in its Political Advocacy leadership, as its Climate Solutions and Energy Impact leadership remain largely unchanged.

Vodafone maintains its 4th-place Solutions ranking, with strong case studies of  IT-enabled solutions and methodology that highlight the scalable potential of IT energy solutions. However, Vodafone maintains virtually the same level of leadership for managing the impact of its growing operations, putting it in the bottom half of companies on the Leaderboard and telecom operators.

The loss of leadership in policy advocacy is surprising, given Vodafone’s strong support in the EU context for a 30% emission reduction target. Hopefully, the company will take renewed inspiration from fellow telecom operator Sprint, who helped set the bar for policy advocacy in its Cool IT Leaderboard debut.

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Vodafone's performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here