WIPRO - 5th place (TIED), 43/100

Wipro earned a significant increase in its score in this Leaderboard, gaining 10 points and raising its overall ranking to 5th place, primarily on the strength of its score in the IT Energy Impact and Advocacy leadership criteria.

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Wipro took a leadership role in clean energy advocacy in India, and made significant advances in its greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategy, including substantial renewable energy purchases.

Wipro sunk considerable corporate resources into political advocacy in India in the past year. Wipro has weighed in on the regulatory efforts to change the National Solar Mission, and the company has pushed to increase the amount of renewable energy by at least 20% through the Renewable Power Obligations (RPO). Wipro again continues to set the leadership bar for its comprehensive mitigation strategy of its own growing energy footprint.

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Wipro’s performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here